SpinTech™ is always working with you, releasing power when you need it or as you choose it.


Benefits from SpinTech™


SpinTech™ is a complete e-bike system with each component being designed to work in perfect sync with the other. Everything has been designed, tested and manufactured together in one location and each aspect of the system has been optimised to give maximum performance and output to the other.

The final result of SpinTech™ is an e-bike system which feels better, rides further and delivers more power than any other e-bike. It's easy to use and easy to look after, and globally supported - SpinTech™.

Discover all the benefits of SpinTech™

Perfect Sync

Perfect Sync SpinTech™ benefits

Optimised System

Optimised System SpinTech™ benefits

More Power

More Power SpinTech™ benefits

Easy to Use

SpinTech™ is easy to use