We're not re-inventing the wheel
just making it better

VOLT™ Pulse Electric Bike SpinTech™ technology
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The most important part of any electric bike is the technology powering and controlling it.

Meet our smart, easy to use and incredibly powerful SpinTech™ drive system, the most advanced drive system available for e-bikes.

SpinTech is unique in it's ability to harness the best features of both hub and mid-drive e-bike systems delivering a cycling experience more intuitive, more responsive and better than any other. A sophisticated drive system for electric bikes which guarantees leading edge performance. SpinTech™ is always working with you, releasing power when you need it or as you choose it.

SpinTech™ intelligently manages power distribution between battery and rider and seamlessly integrates both to make your ride more natural, yet perfectly assisted. Multiple SpinTech™ sensors continually monitor your cycling, efficiently controlling the distribution of power to ensure your e-bike achieves greater distances than other e-bike systems, yet still allowing you to easily conquer the steepest of hills.

When choosing an e-bike it's critical you can rely on the technology powering it. Designed to outperform alternatives, SpinTech™ delivers.

Blix folded e-bike Spintech™ technology



SpinTech™ offer one of the most advanced & sophisticated e-bike technology on the global market. It is the result of nearly 10 years investment between three big players in the electric bike industry. VOLT™, Blix and Eco Ride have formed a unique and exciting partnership to deliver a revolutionary technology.


ABOUT SpinTech™


Who is SpinTech™?

SpinTech™ is a consortium of 3 leading e-bike manufacturers pulling together resources to produce an e-bike powering system which outperforms all others.

Why SpinTech™?

Historically we'd each used a mix of technology components on our e-bikes from various manufacturers, this is still the norm for our competitors.




SpinTech™ is a complete e-bike system with each component being designed to work in perfect sync with the other. Everything has been designed, tested and manufactured together in one location and each aspect of the system has been optimised to give maximum performance and output to the other.